Outfit Inspiration For Every Guest, At Every Event

Wedding season is a long, long month of dressing up in our finest. The only problem is figuring out what that consists of! Keeping track of changing trends can make our heads spin! And no one wants to be caught committing a fashion faux pas. Save yourself the trouble and look at these mood boards for failsafe inspiration!


Your wedding season calendar will be overrun with dholkis to attend, and putting together new outfits for every single one can be a huge headache! Dholkis are festive and fun, but not as grand as mehendisIt’s about striking the right balance. Opt for springtime shades like pinks, greens, yellows, and blues, or even pastels. Play it up with wide shalwars and ghararas, or keep it simpler with formal shalwar kameez!

Wedding Party

The pre-wedding party is the perfect way to get everyone in the right mood! This is the one event where you can put together a chic modern outfit. Sequenced bolero jackets, simple black jumpsuits with statement earrings, or off the shoulder tops are all the cues you need to make a splash wherever you go. Scroll below for more inspo!


Any nikkah you attend this season is bound to be sweet and small, with just family and friends. Leave the heavier, more intricately worked on joras for other events; instead opt for simpler cuts and styles in pastels, whites, or neutrals. A beautifully embroidered dupatta, shawl, or even velvet chadar during the winter is the perfect touch to any nikkah outfit.


The most lively event deserves the most experimental outfits – here’s where you can really come alive. Go over the top with ghararas and kaam, and all your favourite colours. Remember though – it’s not worth wearing flimsy garments like saris, because they will get in the way of your number one priority: dancing!


The main event! You want to look your best, but not like you’ve tried too hard. Long embroidered shirts with straight pants or heavier dupattas strike the perfect note. As for colours? You’re spoiled for choice! Anything goes – dusky reds, sapphire blues, silvery tones, or kashmiri pinks. Here are some references:


Elegant with a capital E! This is the first and last word on your valima outfit! Scale back the colours you unleashed during the last two events, and keep it a bit more minimal. Go for pastels, soft colours, and metallic tones – if there’s an old vintage sari hanging in your mothers closet, dust it off and give it a night out on the town. Here are some references to help!

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